First time I’ve been on Tumblr in years and the only reason that I got on was to debate with someone about Frozen.


Make me Like Frozen


In all seriousness I implore you, internet. Help a sister out.


I was lucky enough to see Disney’s Frozen before general audiences, in a preview screening. To put it shortly, what I saw disappointed me significantly and presented itself as more of a squandered potential than a truly good film….

Oh, hell yeah, I’ll debate with you. I do respect your opinion though and even agree with you on some points. I absolutely LOVE Frozen though.

1. Too Much Boyfriend

I agree a bit with you on this part. Could Frozen have been great without all the romance subplots? Yes. Definitely yes! But for a good majority of society, they need romance in order to even be interested in something because that’s what all humans want. We all want love—acceptance for who we are from some gorgeous man or woman. So Disney used that as another factor for the audience to relate to. And let’s face it—a very good majority of books/movies/plays WILL have romance in it. Perhaps the “too much boyfriend” was also to show striking resemble between Anna and Elsa. Elsa—the independent, older sister who doesn’t mind being alone. Anna—the younger, naive sister who wants someone to talk to.

2. Sisters

Sorry but I don’t agree with you at all on this part. Young Elsa was shocked and scared that she had almost killed her sister. We could tell that right away, especially after the troll told her to control her powers. At such a young age, Elsa didn’t understand what was going on. Her parents didn’t either so they couldn’t help. So her sudden cut-off from Anna made sense. She couldn’t control her powers and believed the only way to not hurt Anna was to not be near her at all. As for not showing that she missed her sister—she did. At the end of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” we see Elsa sitting up against the door, looking sad and depressed. To me, I saw a hint of wanting to open that door and be with Anna, but she was too scared. She felt like it was too far past to revive their friendship/sisterhood. We even see Anna give up at one point between the song. She walks past Elsa’s room, hesitates as if thinking, “Should I?”, and then moves on. I do believe Disney could have added more small details like you suggested, but they might have had a time limit. So they had to be picky about what got into the movie and what didn’t.

3. Elsa

I see your point on this, but Elsa felt most at home when she was alone. After all, she was pretty much locked in a room for her entire life. She still wasn’t sure how to control her powers. And when she did, she was instantly judged and looked down upon for even having them. Elsa was an introvert and didn’t want to deal with others due to her fear of hurting them. Once she figured out how to control her powers, her confidence went through the roof. She wasn’t afraid to show her powers anymore, as we can see at the end of the film when she turns the town into an ice skating rink.

Also, “Let It Go” really was the best song from Frozen. However, remember that this movie was made with children in mind. Children have a short attention span so Disney needed to keep them entertained and the easiest way to do that is with song.

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A very good friend of mine told me it was #WorldSuicidePreventationDay. Spread the #love by writing the word on your wrist or wearing yellow.

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The new Harry Potter book covers. :)

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Hey if you haven’t cried yet today here’s your chance. 

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I can’t stop watching this video. Like, it’s SO perfect for the boys! All the ideas Marcel had in the beginning just aren’t them! This is their way of showing the world that THIS is who they are and they’re proud of it! And don’t tell me that isn’t an inspiration. In a world where celebrities and people change themselves to fit in, it’s such a relief to know that these boys are staying true to who they are. #onedirection #BSE #bestsongever #harrystyles #liampayne #niallhoran #zaynmalik #louistomlinson #thisisUS @harrystyles @real_liam_payne @niallhoran




Being on Tumblr during Comic Con is like watching all of your friends go to Hogsmeade without you

At that moment I swear we were all Harry Potter

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"Doctor Who" Conversation with the Cast & Creators - Nerd HQ

Mark Gatiss on the phone

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How hot are the kissing scenes gonna be?

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